Sudara is moving (coming) to India!

We are excited to MOVE to India and offer the Biggest Sale ever (51% off site wide) to help make it happen.

We cannot make this move without your help and participation. With our hearts full of gratitude, we thank you all for your purchases and donations which help in funding this great move.

As we draw closer to our goal, may we ask you to shop more and share this news with your friends and family?

We encourage you to shop at and post your pictures/videos on Facebook and Instagram — and let us know why you support Sudara!

Sudara has existed just because of YOU and your purchases and now your every purchase helps Sudara to make this Big Move to India!

As the Director of India Operations, I am grateful to your partnership with Sudara and the impact that you have helped create in the lives of many marginalized women in many of our partner centers in India.

Your purchases and donations have helped to create freedom jobs with fair wages and also provide employable skills training to many women.

Moving our operations to India will only increase this positive impact. And, I see great opportunities for creating even more freedom jobs.

We are grateful to you for your continuous support. Come partner with us in creating more freedom jobs in India.

For Freedom,

John Rajah
director, India Operations
Watch John Rajah and Jennifer Rajah talk about the positive impact of moving Sudara’s operations to India and go behind the scenes into one of our partner centers in Chennai!