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We work to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to reduce inequalities, end poverty & build economic growth.

The world is working on achieving the United Nations’
Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Sudara’s mission fits squarely with five of them.

Goal 1 No Poverty

Poverty is a catalyst to entering the sex trade. Without resources to support themselves or their children, some women feel they have no choice but to enter the sex trade for survival. This is why skills training and sustainable employment is at the foundation of our model.

Goal 4

With our partners we’ve trained more than 7,500 at-risk women in professions of their choice so that they can find dignified and self-sustaining employment and be free from the sex trade.

Goal 5

Access to sustainable living wages provides a pathway to financial independence and a sense of purpose, which in turn establishes self-empowerment. Inspired by dignity, the women we elevate live more purposeful and hopeful lives.

Goal 8

With our partners we offer women education and skills training across 11 vocations with a 90% employment placement rate, as well as micro-loans for women to start their own businesses.

Goal 10

Socioeconomic status, lack of education, and gender are all potential risk factors for women in India. Reducing inequalities is core to what we do. When women are given opportunity, not only do they find personal freedom but they reach back and elevate entire communities, breaking further cycles of oppression and slavery.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals