4 Reasons Why Traveling Is Important for Mental Health


  1. Growth happens when you’re out of your comfort zone

Traveling to a new place is the perfect way to escape your comfort zone. In most cases, you are in a new setting away from your day to day routine. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, experiencing a new way of life and culture allows you to reflect and grow. Take a chance on your next vacation and push yourself to take a fun risk–scuba dive, meet up with new people, or travel off of the beaten path. Added bonus: when you participate in thrill-centered activities, the release of endorphin causes feelings of joy!

  1. Going “unplugged” reduces stress

Sure, you can always connect to wifi or carry a portable battery pack, but unplugging when you are abroad or out in nature is always a good thing. Studies have shown that technology can make us feel insecure and anxious and even affect our self-esteem. Next time you travel, go “unplugged” for an increased sense of wellbeing both mentally and physically.

  1. Changing perspective can help solve problems

Stepping away from our commitments and taking time off automatically reduces chaos and allows us to take an outside perspective. Between hectic mornings, busy schedules, late night work sessions, and ongoing commitments, sometimes we are too close to a problem to solve it–and a vacation away can truly help gain insight and clarity. Stepping away from our routine gives us perspective on our lives and the problems we face daily.

  1. It gives a chance to reconnect with loved ones in a different way

Your relationships matter. Whether you take time to cultivate your friendships and relationships on off days, trips or all of the above, take the time to invest in those close to you. Vacations give you a chance to spend uninterrupted time with friends and loved ones and experience new activities together.