Today’s Gift: Free music by Lanisa Keith

Today’s gift comes from a long-time supporter of Sudara’s work, musical artist Lanisa Keith. Read on for a bit more about Lanisa and of course details on where to find your today’s free download!



Lanisa, tell us about yourself! Where do you live, how long have you been doing music? 
My husband and I and 3 kids live in the San Francisco bay area where we both grew up.  Music has always been an important part of life for my family.  Growing up, I was always singing or playing something.  I started songwriting about 15 years ago and recorded my first CD about 10 years ago called Greater Mystery.  I completed it a few weeks before we traveled to China to bring my oldest daughter home.

How did you get connected to Sudara and our investment in India?  
I traveled on that pivotal trip to India where founder (and sister-in-law) Shannon Keith was inspired to start Sudara.  I remember Shannon coming back to the bus from our shopping excursion with a few bags full of fabric and a heart and vision.  She didn’t have all the pieces put together but she talked about her idea about pajama bottoms then.

Tell us more about your new Christmas Album:
Sometimes the holiday season can get busy, complicated and overwhelming.  I wanted to create something that reflects what I hope Christmas is for me and my family.  It’s the simple beauty of Christmas and a message of hope that inspired me.

Where can people find it?
Click here to purchase the entire Christmas Album called Prepare Him Room as well as the free song download, O Holy Night.