Just for the pun of it…

About once a week, we see a comment or receive an email saying “I expected PUNJAMMIES® to be pajamas with puns on them!!” Sorry, friends.  We love a good pun, though, and are always eager to share the story behind the name of PUNJAMMIES®.  So, just for the pun of it, here are a few of our favorites puns and a little more background about our favorite loungewear. Do you have a favorite pun?  We’d love to hear it in the comments!

I'm kind of a big dill

Where did PUNJAMMIES® get their name?
We are always eager to share this story because much intentionality and cultural sensitivity went into the selection of this name. For cultural/historical context, Punjab is a state in the northwest of the Republic of India which is part of the larger Punjab region spanning into present-day Pakistan. Punjabi refers to the traditional forms of dress worn throughout the region. One of the most common elements of Punjabi dress is a loose-fitting trouser which has several different names depending on whether it is worn by men or women and also depending on the type of occasion or ceremony it is worn for. [for more exhaustive explanation, see Wikipedia.com- Punjabi clothing and Punjabi people].

Hi Honey, I'm Home

Over the centuries, this form of dress has extended to regions all throughout India. It was over many cups of tea with our local friends and partners in India, along with research of the etymology and introduction of pajamas into Western culture that we learned the word ‘pajamas’ is thought to have been a derivative of the word ‘punjabi.’ As a result, the name PUNJAMMIES® emerged as a name that would pay homage to their country of origin and would come back to directly benefit every woman making them.

Don't use that tone with me pun
{image: Nathan W. Pyle / via threadless.com}