Important (and NEW) information for our Sudara Fam

Beautiful face of Indian Woman

We hope this message finds you safe and well, in body, mind and spirit.

With news changing on a daily basis, one thing remains constant with Sudara – our focus is to help the most vulnerable population in the world. This is especially important right now when the risk is so much greater. Here’s the thing; it’s not about the pants – it never has been. It’s about the women and children we serve to keep them out of poverty, and out of slavery by creating true opportunities that become a pathway to what should be a basic human right: freedom.

We love that we’re hearing “We’re all in this together” in mainstream media, advertising and social media. It’s heartening because you, our Sudara Fam, were already living that philosophy. Every purchase you have made from Sudara is a vote for freedom for those less fortunate than us.

India, like many other countries, entered a mandatory nationwide lockdown last week that is currently scheduled to end on April 15th. However, as we’ve learned things can change with each passing day. This means that our sewing centers are closed, and shipping has been suspended. The women in our partner sewing centers are not working, but we must keep paying them to keep them safe. We can’t send them back to a dangerous environment.

Here’s the tricky part... Selling products is what keeps our ecosystem going so that we can support the women and children who need our help the most.

We’re excited to announce the Sudara Collective –  a new line of products that we think you’ll love, and can ship right away! We carefully selected our first offerings from local small business partners in Bend, Oregon (our US base) who need help to stay in business during this trying time, and who have amazing products that we think will bring you peace and calm. They make great care packages for you or for others – buy as a package, or as individual products. Profits from these sales will continue to feed the ecosystem in India during their lockdown, both in wages and wrap around services through the Sudara Freedom Fund. Look for more of our favorite products in the coming weeks!

If you recently placed an order for Sudara apparel, there is a chance it may be further delayed. We’ve identified which orders are held up, and which we can fulfill from the limited inventory we have here in the US. If you’re waiting on an order, check your inbox for details in a direct email from Sudara for Freedom ( today.

Please also consider a direct donation to Sudara Freedom Fund, if you are able. Recurring monthly gifts are also an option, and will help us with planning and longevity while covering immediate needs like housing, food, and medical care.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, Sudara Fam. Thank you for showing up every day, and especially when we need you most. Thank you for shopping, giving, wearing, sharing, and most importantly – caring. We don’t know what the future looks like but we know that when we all work together – WE GOT THIS. There is strength in this community and it’s all because of you.

We want to be in more frequent communication with you going forward. Be on the lookout for Facebook Lives and podcasts in the coming days!

For Freedom,

Shannon and Lisa


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P.S. If you know of a company looking to bring comfort and hope to their employees or missed connections from canceled events, consider corporate care packages. Contact for details on packages available, or to create a custom experience.

From Left to Right: Shannon Keith, Founder + Chairwoman; Molly Bull, VP of Marketing; Lisa Flynn, CEO, with some of the amazing women in a Sudara sewing center in India, Fall 2019.