DIY: Paper Swan Ornament

Trim the tree with transformation this Christmas season with this DIY paper swan ornament!  Click to download a PDF of the beautiful patterned square, with instructions included here.
We appreciate the symbolism of a swan as told in the story “Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Anderson. Have you read this? It’s a tale about personal transformation and identity. And, it reminds us to persevere despite what others may say about us or how they may treat us.  We think it’s a beautiful tale and hope you too enjoy the symbolism of the swan as you are making these ornaments with your family.

Update: Thank you to Ruth Anne for the comment about the Peace Crane!  This swan is a variation on the crane, but we love the vision and story behind it.  You can read more about it here and follow instructions here for creating your own Peace Crane with our printed pattern.

DIY Paper Swan Ornament
{preview of pattern for swan ornament}
  1. Cut out the patterned square so that there is no white border remaining.
  2. Fold the patterned square along one diagonal, then unfold it.
  3. Now fold the lower edges of the square into the centerline. (It should look like a kite.)
  4. Flip the paper over, so the flaps are on the bottom. Then fold the flaps half way to the center line.
  5. Fold the flaps to the centerline.
  6. Fold the point of the piece upwards. Then fold the head of the swan downwards.
  7. Fold the swan in half vertically. Then pull the neck of the swan away from the body.
  8. Once it’s folded, poke a tiny hole somewhere on the top of the swan and run a thin string or ribbon through.
  9. Tie the ribbon into a little loop to create your hanging ornament.
  10. Put it on your tree as a reminder of the hope and transformation this holiday season!