The Bengal Bangle Cuff

Artisanry. Handicrafting. Handmade.  These titles are often used to describe our new Bengal Bangle Cuff.  We’d also like to add three words: Goes. With. Everything. 

These cuffs are created in Delhi, India and begin as a mixed metal alloy that includes brass and aluminium. This metal alloy is formed into sheets and cut into the required shape before it’s bent into cuff form.  From there, local artisans work by hand to give each one a hammered look and smooth finish.

Available in silver or gold:

Bengal Bangle Cuff in Silver


Bengal Bangle Cuff in Gold


And, as with every item you purchase from, proceeds from the sale of these cuffs give back to empower women who are working towards a new life for themselves and their children — a life that is free from sex slavery.

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Image via NGO and Travel Photographer ©Paula Watts Photography