Summer playlist for the vacation of/in your dreams

There is nothing like a soundtrack for these sweltering days. Whether you’re taking an actual Summer vacation or not, we thought we might bring the world travel to you with a tiny little gem of a summer playlist that spans the globe.


Our advice:

  1. Grab a beverage, add ice.
  2. Kick those shoes off.
  3. Throw on some breezy, bright PUNJAMMIES®.
  4. Turn on every fan in the house.
  5. Press play.
  6. Take a minimum of 3 photos of yourself relaxing and post to make all friends jealous. #punjammies

And vlola, your very own sunshine filled vacation!
Stay cool and take it slow. We all deserve a little rest now and again.

Oh, and be sure to fancy this summer playlist here (you’ll thank us later).