Looking [and feeling] good on the Fourth

One might think that in honor of a holiday that is all about freedom, the tradition would be to do things that are daring and brave in honor of the many who took such personal risks on our behalf. But instead, it’s a day filled with some of the most comforting, nostalgic, community traditions possible:
Block parties,
Fresh Pies,
Three-legged races,
The bountiful potluck table,
The smell of the bbq,
Fireworks and Fireflies.
From beginning to end, the 4th of July is filled with warmth and comfort.

And maybe that’s as it should be. Because when people feel truly safe, a long, food-filled afternoon of laughter and play is a pretty good picture of that.

So to keep you looking your most comfortable best this next freedom-filled holiday, here are a few great Sudara-inspired looks for whatever kind of celebration awaits you.

Fourth of July style

Fourth of July Style


style collages by: Liana Wood